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Eli is just over 12 weeks now and things are looking up. He had quite the fussy belly there for awhile. He was waking from a dead sleep and crying out. The gas was truly impressive. I’d be in the other room, Eli would let one go and Joel would ask if it was me…It was Eli EVERY time ( I swear.) Who knew such a little guy could make so much noise. Then there was the three consecutive meals of lasagna I ate which caused an all out red rash all over his little tush. NOW every time he pooped he’d scream. Boy did I feel bad.

So I did  some research to find out what foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Now I’ve done almost every cleanse in the book, except for that maple syrup, cayenne pepper one. But I have done gluten free, no nightshades, no- sugar, alcohol, corn, citrus, soy, grains,eggs, salt, spices. The list goes on and on. This one was new to me though.

So-I’ve eliminated eggs, soy, beans (gas producing), cinnamon, spicy foods, anise, onions, garlic, wheat, nuts, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, citrus, apples (sorbitol), bananas, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, dairy. I think I got everything… Oh yeah tomatoes. I eat lots of pork chops, fish, sweet potatoes, rice and quinoa. Pretty good really but I do miss yogurt and broccoli, AND cucumbers.

We also started giving him Gripe water, a homeopathic blend for colic, a Chamomile blend, baby acidophilus, and of course baby acupuncture. I do a special non needle technique for babies. It’s a Japanese style which is very gentle but effective. The whole process takes 10 min. and leaves him feeling really relaxed.

All and all I’d say it was pretty effective. Labor intensive yes but worth it. His little butt is snow-white and healthy looking and his cheeks are getting chubbier everyday. Lots of smiles and less thunder farts. I’ve started adding a few things back in that I know don’t bother him. Nuts seems ok, wheat (strangely enough.) Some spices like cinnamon seem ok too. Sunchokes ( which give ANYONE gas) are not a good idea. Good news though!!! hoppy beer actually improves things dramatically. Oh darn.

Lindsey Lawson MS L. Ac

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Many of you may remember when I volunteered, giving acupuncture for post traumatic stress, after hurricane Katrina. That experience was incredibly powerful for me. I have never  felt so connected, so part of the human family. This kind of disaster knows no boundaries. It crosses lines of wealth, race and status. I saw homes flattened.  There were men whose eyes were dull and who owned nothing more than the clothes on their backs. They had lost everything. Those homes left standing had the pungent stench of toxic mold.

Acupuncture served as a reset button for the central nervous system.  People who hadn’t slept thru the night since the storm were sleeping. The nightmares were less and the flashbacks less frequent. They were profoundly grateful for the help they received.

 In the wake of the devastation that Haiti has experienced Acupuncturists Without Borders is again offering their services to those in need.  The following is an excerpt from their update sent out this past week. I encourage you to donate to this worthy grassroots cause. http://www.acuwithoutborders.org/index.html Seattle can help Haiti!

AWB Executive Director, Diana Fried, and AWB Haiti

Operations Manager, Julia Raneri arrived in Port-au-

Prince, Haiti Wednesday morning, February 3. We

wanted to send you a brief report as soon as possible

from the field.

Diana says:

“We were able to land here after all and didn’t need to do

the grueling drive from the Dominican Republic. There

are lines and crowds of people waiting for food

distribution and buildings flattened everywhere. Everyone

has heart breaking stories to tell. We have already given

several treatments. Roger Brierre, friend of Jean and

Eric, our generous and lovely Haitian hosts, is driving us

around in his truck. Now and then the ground under the

truck moves, and Roger says his heart jumps because

he fears it is another earthquake.

Here is an excerpt from the New York Times on January


“Meanwhile, government health officials on Thursday

reported that the psychological impact of the disaster is

becoming more apparent in the symptoms being seen at

general clinics run by Doctors Without Borders.

One, in the rural town of Leogane near the epicenter of

the Jan. 12 earthquake, reported that about half of the

people receiving treatment were suffering from mental


The International Medical Corps, which is overseeing

operations at the general hospital in Port-Au-Prince, also

brought in a mental health specialist to help begin dealing

with emerging concerns of post-traumatic stress

disorder and other problems.”

Roger Brierre, Diana and Julia’s current guide, sends a message:

“We want to say to all American people and the government of the United States that have been helping Haitians that we really appreciate their help. However the earthquake was so devastating to our people. Please do your best to keep helping the people of Haiti.”Trauma recovery will definitely be needed as the rubble clears, and survivors have water, emergency medical care, food, and shelter.

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Hi there,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve entered Mommyhood and thus have a few stolen moments to write while little Eli sleeps. Be on the lookout for fertility, nursing, postpartum and baby related info to come as these are one of my specialties, as well as my reality now.

Derek and I have collaborated on this post. He’s getting is Doctorate in Chinese Medicine with a focus on Oncology and pain management at Bastyr. The program focuses on research and he’s got some great studies to share.

Headaches are one of the things we see most commonly and treat most effectively as acupuncturists.  This particular randomized trail compares true acupuncture with a control for chronic headache. The controls include  sham acupuncture, medication therapy, and other nonpharmacological treatments. Types of headaches included migraine, tension type headache or both. The conclusion is that needling acupuncture is superior to sham acupuncture and medication therapy in improving headache intensity, frequency, and response rate.

Read full headache study here

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