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Contrast hydrotherapy  is a simple therapy which uses alternating hot and cold water to create a pumping action in the body. The hot water dilates the blood vessels and the cold causes them to contract and reduces inflammation. This helps repair tissues faster and detoxifies the body. It’s very effective, cheap and easy to do. I especially recommend it for sprains and strains (use the” localized version” in this case) and for use  with a detox diet to promote the release of toxins (use the “full body” version in this case.)

Localized Contrast Hydrotherapy I have had great results healing bad sprains with this treatment especially in conjunction with electro acupuncture. For acute conditions use ice only until swelling begins to go down. Submerge affected area in very hot water for 3 min. Plunge area into very cold water for 1 min. repeat three times. Do this 1-2 times daily until bruising, swelling and pain have subsided. For best results use ice water.

Full Body Contrast hydrotherapy Can be done in the shower or even better at one of our local spas like Olympus (women only), or Banya 5.

Shower version (less intense) Finish your daily shower with 3 min. of very hot water followed by 1 min.. of very cold water. Do this three times and end on cold. You will feel invigorated.

Spa version (more intense) This therapy can leave you feeling tired and should be done with caution the first few times especially if you feel run down. Start in the warmest hot tub or stream room available and stay in until you are very warm then move to a cold plunge and stay in for 1 min. Then move immediately back into the hot area. Do this three times. Make sure you are drinking lots of water. Stop if you feel lightheaded. This in my own personal approach and does not take into account health issues that may be present. This is a vigorous therapy not for the faint hearted. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR ARE PREGNANT HAVE OR HAVE HIGH OR LOW BLOOD PRESSURE. IF IN DOUBT, CONSULT A HEALTH CARE PROVIDER BEFORE DOING FULL BODY CONTRAST HYDROTHERAPY.

Lindsey Lawson is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Shamanic Practitioner at Glow Natural Health Center.

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Congrats again to Rachel and family on little Isabella Erickson born 3/3/10. what a cutie. This is the email that Dr. Rachel sent shortly after the birth.

She’s finally here!

As some of you know, on day 13 over my due date I decided to take the castor oil route, after acupuncture, membrane sweeping, herbs and lots of other tricks. It was my last resort but it did the trick! 2 hours later, noon I started labor and whoo boy did it progress quickly! I was pretty upset because I was having 4-6 minute long contractions with a 30-90 second break in between. By the time my midwife showed up at the house at 7pm I was 8cm dilated! That gave me a second wind because I was trying to convince myself that this was a 3 out of 10 pain and I had a LONG ways to go!

At around 10:30 I started pushing and delivered her squatting on my bed! We didn’t even have time to get me in the tub!

Some nice quotes: “Oh this is WAY easier than I thought it was gonna be!” “I’ve got birthin’ hips!” chanting “every contraction is one step closer to the birth of my baby!” and “mother F&^%$#er this HURTS!, you’ve got to be KIDDING me!” haha! 

Her successful home delivery took 12 hours and 2 midwives and she was born at 12:08 on 3/3/10 on my bed at home 🙂
8# 6oz, 21 inches long, and a dark head of hair with blue eyes (for now). She came out alert and had her eyes open before her head was even all the way out, great APGAR scores and cried right away! She also came out with her arm in front of her face which came out waving first thing! She didn’t sleep for about 4 hours after she was born, and still is not super excited about sleeping. She wants to see everything!,  Both of us were in perfect condition…well I’m a little worse for wear 😉

Astrologically for those who care/believe:
– Pisces sun
– Scorpio rising
– Libra moon
– 4 planets in Pisces!
– 2 in aquarius
– Mars in Leo!

Wow, she’s quite the character. Hopefully you will all meet her soon!


Rachel, Cameron and Baby

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Need another reason to eat organics? Pesticides have been tied to hyperactivity in children according to a new study published in Pediatrics. CBS news ran an article that gives a good summary of the study. Of course, their take home message is wash your fruits and veggies. Those of us here at Glow however, will continue to buy ours pesticide free.

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