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It’s amazing how a few events can shift the energy of the moment. One minute we had trees changing colors and unseasonably warm weather and the next a wind storm where all the leaves dropped. This was then quickly followed up with an early season snowstorm that had us holed up and drinking hot cocoa.

Our bodies feel the shift and ideally are in harmony with it. Winter is the season of water in Chinese medicine. It’s about introspection and stillness. It’s about deep contemplation as opposed to the activity of summer. The kidneys and bladder rule this element. It’s important to rest and build this energy because maintains  our deep reserves.

Constantly relying on these reserves can lead to adrenal fatigue. When we refuse to slow down and rest our body feels a state of constant flight of fight. The adrenal glands secrete adrenaline at inappropriate times. Often this manifests as insomnia with frequent waking in the night with an inability to fall back to sleep.

To be in harmony with the season:

-Take some time to hibernate amongst the chaos of the holidays. Mediate on finding stillness within.

-Catch up on your sleep. The trees do it so should you.

– Celebrate. The winter solstice is the time of yang within the yin. The spark of fire is a reminder of the summer to come as the days begin to get longer again.

– Eat rich stews to stoke the inner fire. Steamed walnuts are especially strengthening for the water element.

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