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The transition into the harvest time and the Earth Element reminds us to take some time, step back, and Earth Element pumpkinsenjoy the season. Not that it’s too difficult for me. I’ve always loved this time of year. I call it the dog days of summer. For someone who is often busy and can easily over schedule, I have no problem soaking in the last warm days and relaxing. I like to sit around and watch the tomatoes ripen. (Well, they’re ripening for me but they’re in my greenhouse so don’t feel bad if yours aren’t.)

My family and I headed out to Remlinger farms today for some U pick pumpkins, corn maze ,and the whole meal deal. It spit rain, but we were  more soaked in sun and it was even too warm for coats! When I really should have done something else, it was the perfect thing to do to regain balance. The crisp air and typically funny extended family time left a lot to be thankful for.

Questions to ask yourself: Are you content this season? Are you able to harvest what has been sown? Are your relationships reciprocal? These are all important measures of the health of your earth element.

How’s your digestion? The Chinese Spleen and Stomach are in charge of the storage and movement of nourishment and relate to the Earth element.  Imbalances here can result in diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, low energy and more.

Keep your Earth Element in balance by eating your food lightly cooked. Raw food is difficult for your body to process because it must expend energy to first “heat” the food up. It’s also important to chew your food so that your body can break it down more easily. Enzymes in your saliva are an important first phase in your digestion.

Earth Associations: Color: Yellow/ brown  Smell: Fragrant  Sound: Singing  Emotion: Worry/ Over thinking

Do your Earth element a favor, call to schedule a seasonal acupuncture tune up, be grateful and sing!!!

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acupuncture for pregnancy and labour preparation in Seattle WAAcupuncture is very effective for issues experienced in pregnancy and for labor preparation. Often I spend so much time treating women, I don’t sit down and put my thoughts on paper. First things first, Chinese medicine has a ton to offer for preconception and fertility, pregnancy and post partum. From natural menstrual cycle balancing, to “day of” IVF transfer protocols, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are great for helping make babies. Once conception has taken place, it is important to support mom and baby through each phase of development.

The first trimester is a tricky time, where mom may not be sharing the good news, and might be pretty nervous. Stress reduction and supporting normal fetal development at this phase is crucial. The treatment also supports implantation and prevents miscarriage. Nausea and food aversions may be an issue, and acupuncture proves to be very useful for this as well. Treatments at this time can also ease fatigue and mood swings. This is also the time that certain superpowers develop, specifically superhero sense of smell. These ladies can walk into a room and tell you “there’s a banana in the trash in the corner, and it smells terrible. “ It’s weird, but a good sign.

The second trimester: As mom’s body begins to noticeably change to the outside world, she feels the changes on the inside too and not always in a good way! Back pain, round ligament pain and heart burn can begin to rear their heads. Pregnancy produces an environment of heat and dampness in the body according to Chinese medicine. These symptoms can be relieved with acupuncture and diet therapy to cool the heat and dry the damp. This is the time when mom goes from feeling like she “just looks fat,” to looking like she is definitely pregnant. This is a nice treat for waning self-esteem. Energy is usually good and women enjoy light exercise comfortably.

As the third trimester unfolds, mom may just feel big. Bellies get heavy, and the mounds of pillows used to support them at night approach mountainous levels. Swollen ankles, high blood pressure, back pain, and pelvic pain are all possibilities.If the baby is breech treatment can be done to turn the baby. This should ideally be done at 34-36 weeks. Starting 3 weeks or so prior to her due date, the focus of the acupuncture treatments can switch from symptom relief to preparing the body for labor. Points are done to soften and open the cervix. Sometimes there is fear that the treatments may bring on labor too early, but I have never experienced this to be true. If it was, trust me, I could make a lot of money getting babies out on demand. What I have experienced is easier labors, more vaginal deliveries, and happier moms.

Lindsey Lawson MS EAMP is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Clinic Director at Glow Natural Health and Seattle Fertility Acupuncturist. She is passionate about healthy , happy living and a regular blogger. For an appointment call Glow at 206 568 7545.

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All events $10 and held at Glow unless otherwise specified.

Space is limited and will be reserved for pre-paid participants. Classes may be canceled the day before if attendance is low. Should this be the case we will post on our website.

Please call to reserve your spot: 206-568 -7545.

Movie: Under our Skin | An Infectious New Film  -Wednesday, Sept. 7th, 6 PM

This is a fantastic film for anyone, but especially if you one of your loved ones has, or may have Lymes Disease. Engaging and informative. Our resident specialist, counselor Tina Michalski, who has battled Chronic Lymes for the last 10 years will be on hand for discussion.

The 5 Pathways of Detoxification — Monday, Sept. 12th, 5:30-6:30 PM
Facilitated by Dr. Rachel Erickson, ND

We live in a toxic world, so what can we do about it? Dr. Rachel will talk about the 5 pathways your body has to eliminate toxins and how you can support these pathways with a detox. Regular detoxification is a healthy way to prevent disease from toxic overload, such as allergies, autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism, fatigue, anxiety, ADHD, PMS and cramps and much more!

Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Labor Preparation — Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 12-1 PM
Facilitated by Lindsey Lawson, MS EAMP, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

It’s common to think of acupuncture to assist conception, but the help doesn’t stop there. Learn how it can treat nausea, heartburn, back pain, sleep issues and more. Also, find out what steps to take to best promote a healthy, natural, on time delivery.
The Earth Element — Monday, Sept. 19th, 4-5 PM
Facilitated by Lindsey Lawson, MS EAMP, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Is your digestion out of balance? Do you have trouble “harvesting” the fruits of your labor? Is your energy low? Find out how to assess the health of your Earth Element and how to best support it.

Supporting Patients with Cancer through the use of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine — Wednesday, Sept. 14th, 12-1 PM
Facilitated by Derek Kirkham, DAOM EAMP

Join Derek Kirkham, MS DAOM, EAMP for a discussion on how
East Asian medicine can benefit individuals throughout conventional cancer
treatment. The innovations of conventional care, i.e. chemotherapy, radiation
therapy and surgery, have enabled more and more people to survive cancer.
However, while these therapies are powerful tools in the fight against cancer,
they can simultaneously damage the systems within the body during and after
treatment. This discussion will cover helpful tips on rebuilding the body’s
vital energy (Qi) and creating an internal environment that promotes healthy

Discussion topics:
– Basic theories of East Asian medicine
– How acupuncture, herbs and foods can support the body before, during and after conventional treatment
– The benefits of Tai Qi and Qi Gong
– And much more…

MOVIE: East Meets West- Oriental Medicine and the Future of Healthcare in Amercia–Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 7-8 PM FREE

A  documentary that explores the depth, richness, and clinical efficacy of Oriental Medicine, and the ways that this ancient tradition can be an integral component of an emerging system of integrative healthcare that would truly merge the best of both eastern and western medicine.


Why We Get Fat and What We Can Do About It–Thursday, Sept. 29th, 7 p.m.

Facilitated by Dr. Eric Nissen, ND

America is getting heavier and heavier by the year, and it’s not all muscle! The USDA’s website says “enjoy your food, but eat less” and “avoid over-sized portions”. That’s all there is to it? It’s really that easy? Most people trying to lose weight will attest that is is NOT that easy and that the numerous diets they’ve tried have been largely ineffective in keeping the weight off long-term.

Learn why the “calories in less than calories out” approach to weight loss is mostly ineffective. Just eating less or exercising more usually doesn’t work long-term. Find out why we gain weight and real-world approaches to losing fat and keeping it off.

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