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Ideally a woman begins working on her reproductive health with East Asian Medicine 3 months prior to the time she wants to conceive. This gives time to normalize the cycle and increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby. In Chinese medical terms, it’s a time to balance yin, yang, qi and blood. It’s a perfect time to move qi and blood to improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries as well as reduce stress.

Women who feel more comfortable with a less invasive treatment and who are young, with good ovarian reserve and without known correctable causes of infertility, could try acupuncture before attempting hormone therapies or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with treatments done by your doctor or fertility specialist.

Treatments are typically given 1 time per week. Factors such as the complexity of the complaint, toxins from medications, hereditary influences, recurrent low level infections, lifestyle habits, and other illnesses can influence the length of treatment. Certain conditions like the following are more difficult to treat and may require a longer treatment protocol:

  • Cysts, fibroids, PCOS, PMS, anovulation, endometriosis, luteal phase defect
  • Chinese herbs and dietary changes are often part of the treatment.

Preconception In the first phase of treatment will regulate the menstrual cycle by increasing circulation to the pelvic cavity and nourishing energy and vitality. During this phase periods should become more regular, the flow should be bright red and without clots, minimal or cramping and less breast tenderness. Other benefits include decreased stress, better sleep, improved energy and warmer hands and feet. Most women become open and fertile for conception.

Factors such as the complexity of the complaint, toxins from medications, hereditary influences, lifestyle habits, and other illnesses can influence the length of treatment. (more…)

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acupuncture for pregnancy and labour preparation in Seattle WAAcupuncture is very effective for issues experienced in pregnancy and for labor preparation. Often I spend so much time treating women, I don’t sit down and put my thoughts on paper. First things first, Chinese medicine has a ton to offer for preconception and fertility, pregnancy and post partum. From natural menstrual cycle balancing, to “day of” IVF transfer protocols, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are great for helping make babies. Once conception has taken place, it is important to support mom and baby through each phase of development.

The first trimester is a tricky time, where mom may not be sharing the good news, and might be pretty nervous. Stress reduction and supporting normal fetal development at this phase is crucial. The treatment also supports implantation and prevents miscarriage. Nausea and food aversions may be an issue, and acupuncture proves to be very useful for this as well. Treatments at this time can also ease fatigue and mood swings. This is also the time that certain superpowers develop, specifically superhero sense of smell. These ladies can walk into a room and tell you “there’s a banana in the trash in the corner, and it smells terrible. “ It’s weird, but a good sign.

The second trimester: As mom’s body begins to noticeably change to the outside world, she feels the changes on the inside too and not always in a good way! Back pain, round ligament pain and heart burn can begin to rear their heads. Pregnancy produces an environment of heat and dampness in the body according to Chinese medicine. These symptoms can be relieved with acupuncture and diet therapy to cool the heat and dry the damp. This is the time when mom goes from feeling like she “just looks fat,” to looking like she is definitely pregnant. This is a nice treat for waning self-esteem. Energy is usually good and women enjoy light exercise comfortably.

As the third trimester unfolds, mom may just feel big. Bellies get heavy, and the mounds of pillows used to support them at night approach mountainous levels. Swollen ankles, high blood pressure, back pain, and pelvic pain are all possibilities.If the baby is breech treatment can be done to turn the baby. This should ideally be done at 34-36 weeks. Starting 3 weeks or so prior to her due date, the focus of the acupuncture treatments can switch from symptom relief to preparing the body for labor. Points are done to soften and open the cervix. Sometimes there is fear that the treatments may bring on labor too early, but I have never experienced this to be true. If it was, trust me, I could make a lot of money getting babies out on demand. What I have experienced is easier labors, more vaginal deliveries, and happier moms.

Lindsey Lawson MS EAMP is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Clinic Director at Glow Natural Health and Seattle Fertility Acupuncturist. She is passionate about healthy , happy living and a regular blogger. For an appointment call Glow at 206 568 7545.

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Congrats again to Rachel and family on little Isabella Erickson born 3/3/10. what a cutie. This is the email that Dr. Rachel sent shortly after the birth.

She’s finally here!

As some of you know, on day 13 over my due date I decided to take the castor oil route, after acupuncture, membrane sweeping, herbs and lots of other tricks. It was my last resort but it did the trick! 2 hours later, noon I started labor and whoo boy did it progress quickly! I was pretty upset because I was having 4-6 minute long contractions with a 30-90 second break in between. By the time my midwife showed up at the house at 7pm I was 8cm dilated! That gave me a second wind because I was trying to convince myself that this was a 3 out of 10 pain and I had a LONG ways to go!

At around 10:30 I started pushing and delivered her squatting on my bed! We didn’t even have time to get me in the tub!

Some nice quotes: “Oh this is WAY easier than I thought it was gonna be!” “I’ve got birthin’ hips!” chanting “every contraction is one step closer to the birth of my baby!” and “mother F&^%$#er this HURTS!, you’ve got to be KIDDING me!” haha! 

Her successful home delivery took 12 hours and 2 midwives and she was born at 12:08 on 3/3/10 on my bed at home 🙂
8# 6oz, 21 inches long, and a dark head of hair with blue eyes (for now). She came out alert and had her eyes open before her head was even all the way out, great APGAR scores and cried right away! She also came out with her arm in front of her face which came out waving first thing! She didn’t sleep for about 4 hours after she was born, and still is not super excited about sleeping. She wants to see everything!,  Both of us were in perfect condition…well I’m a little worse for wear 😉

Astrologically for those who care/believe:
– Pisces sun
– Scorpio rising
– Libra moon
– 4 planets in Pisces!
– 2 in aquarius
– Mars in Leo!

Wow, she’s quite the character. Hopefully you will all meet her soon!


Rachel, Cameron and Baby

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