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One of the many things that I love about the Symposium isthe opportunity to see all of the faces behind the companies who products we sell everyday. This also gives me the chance to see the latest and greatest new “stuff” and get recommendations from other practitioners as well. Last years great find Local Herbs I have already blogged about. Check out a fav from 2008.

The first is Yin Care, which is an herbal wash. There is a long tradition in Chinese Medicine of decocting raw herbs. Aka: boiling them in water for several hours. This process is messy, stinky, and leaves a lots of room for human error. We prescribe herbs now in pill, liquid, and powder far more so, than the original “raw herb that must be boiled form.” The problem with this is that many times these formulas were boiled to be used topically for skin issues, gynecological problems, mouthwashes etc. We haven’t had a comparative Chinese herbal product that was user friendly until now!

Yin care is pre-decocted and highly concentrated. They tout themselves as  China’s most widely used topical/intravaginal wash for gynecological as well as general bacterial, fungal and viral skin complaints. That means it can be used for eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, as well as yeast infections, vaginosis etc. Look for this one as one of our newest products. http://www.yincare.com/originalUsing.htm


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