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Enhancing Fertility with Chinese Medicine May 9th, 4-5 PM, $10

facilitated by Lindsey Lawson MS EAMP, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

  • Learn ways to use diet, exercise, meditation and Chinese medicine to help you become pregnant.

Women’s Heart Health  Friday, May 20th, 5-6 PM, $10

facilitated by Dr. Rado Harrington, Health Coach

    • See the evidence that proves how a plant-based diet and exercise can significantly improve women’s heart health.

Postpartum Depression Tuesday, May 24th, 6PM $10

facilitated by Tina Michalski, MSW

  • But I should be happy !! Prevention and identification of this common issue.


  Why you can’t lose weight otherwise known as: STRESS  Wednesday, May 11th, noon-1 PM $10

facilitated by Dr. Rachel Erikson ND

  • Can’t lose weight? Tired all the time?? Learn how to feel like yourself again naturally.

All events held at Glow unless otherwise specified.

Space is limited and will be reserved for pre paid participants.

Please call to reserve your space. 206 568 7545


The 4th Trimester: What Chinese medicine can teach about postpartum care Monday, June 6th, 4pm

facilitated by Lindsey Lawson MS EAMP, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Here in the west we focus so much on getting pregnant and being pregnant. The months following birth are considered to be a crucial time for a woman’s long-term health. Learn what to expect and what steps to take for optimal postpartum health.

Anger Management Tuesday, June 14th, 6PM

facilitated by Tina Michalski, MSW

Postural Assessments: Your Gait and Spine

Curious where your body has overcompensation or imbalances? Learn how to personalize your activities based on your current musculoskeletal structure.

facilitated by Dr. Heather Bergdors DC, DABCO

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Dr. Harrington employs natural health psychology & homeopathy to address weight-related issues & chronic disease, helping people improve their health and ultimately, their lives…

Some of the benefits you will experience seeing  Dr. Harrington at Glow will include: 

  • Weight Management
  • Disease Prevention
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Cholesterol Reduction
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Increased Immune Function 

Every individualized health improvement program is strategically tailored to meet the health and healing needs of the whole person, rather than a specific health condition.

I can also assist individuals with a multitude of other health challenges, including mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Chronic diseases are defined as any disease that is recurring and prevalent, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc.

I primarily assist people with diet, exercise, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, and lifestyle change programs, in addition to helping them develop more effective coping skills.

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