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Today was very busy. The hospital was generous and gave us a car to tour around the city. The first stop was the Chengdu Panda research center. Fun fact… Pandas originate from Sichuan province and we visited the main breading and research center in the country. To be honest I was not really looking forward to seeing the pandas but then I saw them with my own eyes. They were super cool and I was quickly wooing and ahhing at them with the rest of the crowds. It was a beautiful facility and there bathrooms were clean, I wish I could say that about the rest of the city. If you’ve been to China you know what I mean! I have tons of pictures and a couple videos of the cute rascals. The second stop was lunch. It was a hole in the wall but the food was great. There were 8 of us and we ate an amazing meal for $15. After lunch we visited the largest Buddhist temple in Chengdu. The grounds of Wenshu temple were covered with many small building with individual shrines in them. In front of the shrines there were incense burning and cushions for people to kneel and bow. It was originally built over 4oo years ago and there is a lot of history within the walls. There were plenty of places to sit and reflect. Here are some pics!


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